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Installation of additional sprinkler nozzles

The installation of a sprinkler system is required if the covered stand area is more than 30 m² (see Notice “Two-Story Stand Construction” and form 1.2 “Application for Preventive Fire Protection Measures”).

Installation of additional sprinkler nozzles


The precise number and position of the sprinkler nozzles is determined after submission of the stand drawing.

The basic installation can be expanded with additional sprinkler nozzles to a maximum of 18 sprinkler nozzles.

Please note:
The sprinkler pipes are not suitable for visible exposure. Clearance of 150 mm from the top edge of the ceiling to the steel structure is required for laying the sprinkler pipes.

Exhibition halls in accordance with VDS are in fire risk class BG 2.3. Maximum protection area per sprinkler nozzle 12 m2 by means of glass bulb sprinkler DN 15, nominal opening temperature 68°C, color red. Separate cabins and rooms must also be provided with sprinklers in conformance to the maximum protection area of 12 m2/nozzle. A maximum of 18 sprinkler nozzles may be connected for each DN 50 connecting pipe in the utilities conduit. The pipe dimension of feeder pipes to the nozzles is also DN 50. Structures suspended from the hall ceiling (trusses, etc.) cannot be equipped with a sprinkler system. The sprinkler pipes are installed in the halls according to the dimensions specified in the plan. The position of the shut-off valve on the ground floor must be specified by the exhibitor/stand builder. The supply pipe will be laid if possible in the utility conduits but may be laid above ground if the position of the shut-off valve and the successive sprinkler installation require this (on request, we will indicate the placement of the basic sprinkler pipe/outlet). The sprinkler installation itself is always installed in front of the walls and under the suspended ceilings. The sealed shut-off valve must remain accessible at all times and must not be built over or obstructed. The exhibitor shall be liable for damage resulting from noncompliance with this regulation.

Orders and scaled ground plan diagrams for the main water connection must be received by Messe München GmbH six weeks before the official set-up date at the latest.

Important: Prior to the commencement of your stand planning activities, kindly ask Messe München GmbH’s Technical Exhibition Services Division to supply you with an extract of the plan of the stand area showing the location of the sprinkler supply lines in the utility ducts.

Please be sure to submit plans to scale marked accordingly (with arrow showing north as well as neighboring stands or other points of reference). Kindly mark / indicate on the plans too the location of the transfer point from the utility duct to the stand ceiling (stop valve with test unit on the stand to be accessible at all times).

Messe München GmbH reserves the right to charge an additional fee for late orders and plans. Sprinkler connections cannot be made available in the ICM Foyer or in the entrance buildings.

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