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Main water connection, upper level (two-storey stand)

Main water connection includes: Inflow: 1/2“, outflow: DN 50. Installation of piping aboveground from utility / supply duct (hall) or

Main water connection, upper level (two-storey stand)


If at all possible, the piping will be laid in utility ducts, but may have to run aboveground if the location of the connection point ordered makes this necessary. In the case of the main water connection for a stand’s upper story, max. 3 m supply / drainage piping laid vertically is included in the connection price. Any additional, horizontally laid piping (via the hall floor and / or in the flooring between the two stories will be charged as per costs incurred (manhours, material costs, etc.)

Contact us for an individual quote on special installations, such as those requiring larger main connection fittings.

A surcharge amounting to € 121.00 will be raised for any order/plans submitted later than 14 calendar days prior to the start of the trade

For erecting a raised platform on your stand, 80 mm min height
clearance is required for laying pipes.

It is imperative that a ground plan has to be submitted if a main water
connection is required.

Vendor information

Material number: 38101
ROM Technik Ltd. & Co. KG
Tel: +49 89 949-24650
Halls: A1-A4

Tel: +49 89 949 28960
Halls: B0-B3, C1-C6, FM, FN

Weigerstorfer GmbH
Tel: +49 89 949 28555
Halls: A5-A6, B4-B6

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