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Main electrical connection open exhibition area up to 10 kW incl. consumption/earthing

optional with distributor panel 4 or CEE 32A

Main electrical connection open exhibition area up to 10 kW incl. consumption/earthing


1 x CEE outlet 16 A for 230 V/400 V, 50 Hz three-phase connections, 2 AC outlets (16 A) for AC appliances and devices (e.g. music and video systems) and 1 AC outlet (6 A) for continuous power supply (e.g. refrigerator, fax machine, etc.)

Please note:
The cost of power consumed by the various electrical connections are included in the price for the main electrical connection. A surcharge amounting to € 103.00 will be raised for any orders submitted later than 5 calendar days before the official commencement of the set-up period.

Orders may be withdrawn up to 14 days before the general stand set-up period begins. The services provided up until this point in time are to be remunerated. After this time, MMG is entitled but not obliged to provide the services ordered. The additionally provided services are to be remunerated. Any amendment thus constitutes a cancellation of the original order and placement of an additional order.

The list of dimensions and tolerances supplied to the exhibitor or ordering party should be reviewed, countersigned and returned as soon as possible. This list will be subsequently used for invoicing purposes.

Vendor information

Material number: 32410
Tel: +49 89 949-24600
Halls: A1-A2, B1, C1

Tel: +49 89 949-24620
Halls: A3, B2-B3, C2-C4

Tel: +49 89 949 24630
Halls: A4-A6, B4-B6,C5-6